Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas From the Bowles!!!

Dairy Farmers of America Young Cooperators

Rob and I got to go stay down in Salt Lake for a DFA conference. There is no question that we all stuck out like sore thumbs at Little America...since when did flannel shirts, wranglers, and cowboy boots go out of style? This is our second year going and it is always a lot of fun to play catch up with our friends that are heading towards the same career pathway as Rob and I. This year we got to go the Jazz game!

Jazz vs. Trail Blazers (not the Seattle Sea Hawks-Rob says they play football...oops)
Jazz Won!!!
Jazz warming up...I think that's Andre Kirilenko in the back, too bad it's not my boyfriend Kyle.

Dinner before the game in one of the boxes

Deer in the headlights

Playing Catch Up...

Ward Christmas Party

Rob and his buddy who entered the pie eating contest...

Our cute friends who moved away to a sunnier place...

City Folk at the Farm

I can't lie...I have a weakness for these stinkin cute little calves.

My cute little nephew and niece

Not so sure what to think of this thing...

Gucci, and Jar Jar were the favorites...

Favorite Aunt and least for the day.

Grandma and Grandpa

Glutton Fest

Rob's buddies from his freshman year...all striving to be Neanderthals for November...pretty successful huh?

D-Rock, Tyler, Rob, Nate (who pulls off a wicked awesome beard), and Eric (no Eric we are not getting pigs)

He's pretty with that flavor savor...being the non conformist he only lasted a day.