Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Me??? Tagged??? Are you sure I'm the right Sarah?

It made my night to be tagged...why do I care? Really? I don't know, but thanks so much Jen! :)


A. Attached or Single: Attached FOREVER (sandlot) and I like it!!! :)
B. Best Friend: Robert Bradley Bowles
C. Cake or Pie: mmm...rough decision...both!
D. Day of Choice: The day's I get off...best case scenario...a whole weekend without any ER in my life!!!
E. Essential Item: Can I choose more than one? Rob and Sunshine!!! Terminator and Acne free are essentials of late.
F. Flavor of Ice Cream: Aggie blue mint...mmmm mmm mmm
G. Gummy Bears or Worms: Probably worms(the white and red ones)...because of their size, I eat gummy bears way too fast...although they are dang good in strawberry icecream...a little hard.
H. Hometown: Smithfield UTAH...don't let Rob fool you...it is NOT in Idaho
I. Indulgences: Sleep...ice cream....more than 2 or 3 days off in a row...taking in the sunshine, playing outside in the yard...I'm more like my Mom than I thought I was :)
J. January or July: July of course!!!
K. Kids: 2 goats and a Rabbit...yep for reals...I wish I was kidding sometimes...Gucci, Jar Jar, and Axel Rose.
L. Last movie I saw in a theater:"Taken"...intense...If you like the Bourne Series I would reccommend it!
M: Musician: Any layed back and relaxing music...listen to my blog if you really want to know.
N: Number of siblings: 5 siblings and me at the end...If I counted right that makes 33 people in my family...That is why gettting together with my family is so very important to me!
O. Oranges or Apples: Both...I buy more fruits and vegetables than we usually eat...I even bought kiwi's this week...all part of the weight loss plan and cheers to good health.
P. Phobias or Fears: Yep, not a big fan of heights and I fear failure...an essential ingredient of life...makes life a little complex for me.
Q. Quote: You can wake up every morning with the sun shining brightly before you...just stay in the straight and narrow! (I can't find the exact quote...anything about hope!)
R. Reasons to smile: There are a lot of big changes headed our way...even with staying in Utah for grad school...we've even been house shopping!
S. Season: Springtime makes me so happy, but my favorite has got to be the rays of Summer!
T. Tag: Rob, Eric, and Betsy
U. Unknown fact about me: They're probably unknown because that's how I like em :)
V. Vegetable: Asparagus
W. Worst Habit: I hate it...I am almost always late...so do not take it personally...work, friends, husband...I am pretty much equally unbiased in my lateness.
X. X-rays or Ultrasounds: They both kind of scare me at this time in my life.
Y.Your favorite Food: Food is one of the Biggest joys of my life...we're in love although I wish it was only a one sided relationship...too many to choose from!
Z. Zodiac Sign: Libra...I do enjoy reading my horoscope now and then :)