Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to the Happy Farm

It all started with Axel Rose back in 2008...Who says you can't have rabbits in the booming metropolis of Logan?

Then the 2 La Mancha goats...Gucci & Jar Jar
Even when your down to your last few dollars, there is money in the tip box left for these...

Then Laura and Derrick...this little piggy went to Theurers Market, and this one had babies galore

Mama Laura proud of 12 beautiful babies...

Including our adorable Willbur

Then came Hope this spring...

She used to be able to fit here...but her paws said differently
She's not little any more.

Meet our newest Happy Farm addition...Jackabee

It all begins with an innocent look Jackabee's way.

One of Hope's favorite cookie Jars

Also one of jackabee's favorites

Rob the Mediator...they often have to be split up

Our form of entertainment...Hope & Jackabee Act III

Each morning, that I am not at work, I wake up to the mooing of the 2 cows in our pasture begging for grain, Hope barking at anything moving, and Jackabee meowing to be released from the backporch to play. It's nice to be needed :)
Welcome to Bowles Happy Farm where all your dreams come true!