Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guess Who???

Yep, Glen Campbell... Rob and I had the pleasure of meeting him today. I'll admit I had no clue who he was until Rob sang this song for me. He was a big deal back in the day it turns out and still is in Branson. He sang with some of the best...Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, etc.

This music video is growing on me and so I share this classic with you...Nice to meet you Mr. Campbell...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our beautiful Benton...Daddy & Mommy's purest joy...

Families are truly forever

We love our little Benton!
Robert Benton Bowles
Born November 16th, 2009 @ 5:15 pm
19 inches long & 5 lbs 8 oz
Returned to his Hevanely Father and Savior's loving arms...perfect and beautiful~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bestest Husband Ever...

For my birthday Rob planned a secret get away to St. George. I have never been to Tuacahn and have wanted to go for a long time, so Rob got us tickets to Annie and Aida. They were both awesome and it was so fun to get away and play!

Rob didn't know when he planned it, but Annie was my movie of choice to rent for my birthday as a little girl!

I am 31 weeks or 7 months at this point

Wow! The stage and scenery is awesome! There are even waterfalls in the background that turn on and cover the stage with water...Next year they're doing Tarzan for the first time on stage at Tuacahn!

I love Rob's posing

Rob and I also visited Temple square and the visitor's center. This was one of the highlights of our trip for me! No doubt that we do most certainly have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who do live.

Mental note for Sarah: 3 things that I want to teach Benton: He is a Child of God, His Heavenly Father loves him, and that we can be a family Forever through our Savior Jesus Christ...bringing so much hope to us!

These pictures were in Brigham Youngs office to the east of his home and I thought that they were so perfect together...more of a mental note of something I want in my home.

My Grandma and Grandpa Edwards traveled from Los Angeles California to be sealed in the St. George temple! Some cool things I learned about this temple: Underneath the white plaster is red rock bricks. The tower was originally shorter, but Brigham Young instructed the members to build it taller. After Brigham Young had passed away the tower was struck by is now taller. And of course the awesome story about the founders of our nation appearing at this temple to assure their temple work was done.

Kitty corner from Brigham Young's home

Random picture I know but this is a cotton plant. I had no idea that this could grow in Utah. The early saints grew cotton and grapes as well as fig, almond, pecan, silk worm (to create silk), and pomegranate trees. All of these plants are present in Brigham Young's yard.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

My mom Linda is yet another year younger and Heather and Brandon came into town for a very short but sweet time for a brother's wedding. So we celebrated Grandma's Birthday!
Just in case you didn't know I have the most beautiful woman as a mother who is an amazing example of so many things to me. I look up to and adore her!

The girls and the newest Wilson addition Aspen...and Benton of course

Rob & Bum...this is also 3 years to the day that Rob & I met!

A few of the cousins hanging out

Oh my what a big mouth you have Miss Ava...

Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prego and Sixy-one more days to go...

Here is Sarah Marie at 6 months...I am now just past 7 months and am starting to feel what it's really like to have a human being inside of me. Benton does not approve of the lack of space in my tummy and likes to hang out right under my ribs, but I continue to be delighted at the movements which are just getting stronger. It's pretty cool to see your stomach move in abnormal ways!

Eyes closed as usual...

A lot changes in a month...I will post pictures again soon...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

We thought we would look into buying a house. We looked and we found...House #1 in Lewiston clear back in March...nope the owners wanted 25,000 dollars more than we offered...bye bye little Lewiston home, library, and july 4th lewiston parade...So we looked some more...The house in Richmond #2 I fell in love with. The process began in May...we offered...we negotiated...we were approved by the shortsale/foreclosing home's bank finally...I thought we were going to close on our house on Aug. 13th....but then the appraisal and more renegotiating...Approved on Thursday, Aug. 28th at the new and lower appraised price...oh wait...based upon ridiculous conditions on the 29th...bye bye my cute little house in Richmond...hello my cute little apartment in need not miss us...we are here to stay...but where shall we put the baby?
-Disheartened, but not in debt

Thursday, August 20, 2009

24 weeks of Strange Sensations...

It all started when I had to wake up to go potty in the middle of the night...WHAT?! I pride myselft on my incredible bladder capacity (way better than Rob's :) until's pretty crazy how it works... as soon as your pregnant it's like you've started a diuretic. Dr. Vawdrey can you identify this pill for me without looking it up?

My undergarments, some t-shirts, and even some of my scrubs have turned into belly not in style. I like my tummy hid away... no peek a boo for me.

Hungry Hippo!!! AKA Sarah...I like PB & J's...yummy!!! The first day I noticed my increased appetite I was just finishing my first plate while everyone else was putting their forks down! And I am not a slow eater..."What?!!! I'm just getting started!!!" I still can't decide if my doctor thinks I've gained too much or not enough when she says "just make sure you're eating good and excercising."

I know potato bugs feel helpless on their backs, but what I wouldn't give to be able to just sleep on my back...Sometimes I sneek a minute in here and there but feel like a bad mommy if I do much more than this. So for all you men and non prego women Live it up!

Some describe it as butterflies....I think it feels more like my tummy rumbling and digesting...nope it's a boy!!! And it's pretty awesome!

Sometimes I think that being pregnant feels like I just ate a gigantic meal...full and tight to the brim...and I know I have yet a long ways to go :)

Lately at work I have really mastered being easily annoyed with and at people...I hate Politics and backbiting! You'd have to ask Rob if I am ornery to find out the real truth!

I love this...

I have to say that I have been so blessed not to be puking my guts out as my job really doesn't cater to this type of behavior! I have felt really good thus far and am quite content! I am very grateful and happy! Little Benton is getting bigger, measures appropriately, and has a good and normal heart rate. I know I am just in the beginning still, but I do think babies are truly beautiful miracles!
Rob continues to be excited and blows rasberries on my belly because he thinks he is talking to Benton in their own language. I have yet to convince him that babies are beautiful from the moment they hit the world...even covered in all that fun stuff!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today we took a peek and this is what we found...

There is no doubt about it...he is proud of what he's got and he is not afraid to show mommy and daddy. It reminds me of a home video of Rob when he and his brother were in the bath tub and Dirk said "Show em what your proud of." Those two had no inhibitions (nothing's changed) and stuck there little bellies out there! We are excited and the name game has begun...

There is no doubt that babies are a miracle! Rob and I were in awe of the technology of the ultra sound capabilities and so far Baby Bowles looks strong and healthy, which we are very grateful for. He is definately his dad's boy...he moves all the time. He had his hands in front of his face the whole time and even had his little toes up to his forehead. I swear he was sucking his thumb and had his fingers around his toes at one point. Rob says he has my nose. What an awesome opportunity to have this little guy growing inside me! I am grateful that Hevanely Father has allowed us this opportunity at this time...there is no doubt that He is in charge!
I just have to say that yesterday was a monumental day! Rob and I went to a play at the Caine Lyric Theater and a guy we know from Preston asked without any prior knowledge as far as I know, "So when are you due?" This time there is not only fat on my belly, but a baby inside too and for the first time in my life this was a compliment to me! I am delighted! In the last week my belly has grown so fast! I am glad to be getting past the awkward tween stage.

Monday, July 20, 2009

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I could really use any ideas you would care to share...Rob's birthday is on Sunday! He is gonna be 24 and all the ideas he's given me are: shoelaces and!
HELP!!! I realize as his wife I should probably know what he wants but I have hit a roadblock very quickly! Thanks a Bunch!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today is a Sad Day...

I just finished 39 hours in the ER over the last 4 days and got up early (4:45AM) with Rob to get ready and head out for the SLC airport. The company Rob works for was flying us out to Omaha Nebraska to meet with the owner of the company and Rob's boss Skip. This would be the first time Rob and I got to fly together. We got to the airport in plenty of time (about 7:30) and were to fly out at 9:30 am. Then I discovered the quart bag/30 oz rule...dangit! So I had to chuck my hairspray (suave is really expensive ;) and got to security where they asked for my ID.

ID?!!! What?! Mind you I had remembered our camera, tylenol, toothpaste, and of course too many clothes...I just forgot the most important item! Poor Rob had to put up with a very wraunchy and then tearful Sarah. As we explored our options we found out that you really can't just come up with a government approved ID in a 2 hour period (turns out the flight didn't leave until 10), and i just didn't have the heart to ask anyone to drive 2 hours to bring me a stupid plastic it was decided. I took the bus back to the parking lot and cried as I watched a plane take off while relocating the jetta. Rob went to Omaha and I am still in Utah...this is my sad story.

I have always struggled with the idea of "I miss you" because you just deal with being apart right? Today I understand and have a newly developed sympathy for you amazing wives of our armed forces servicemen as their husbands leave to a foreign and often dangerous country for 14 months and longer. Thank you for your sacrafices on our behalf!

I will pick up Rob tomorrow night so it really should'nt be that big of a deal. I just have to clarify that this is our first night apart and I forgot what real sadness is because I've had constant sunshine by my side for the last 2 years-Robert Bradley.

I know this all sounds so silly, but I just have to say how much I love this man. He treats me so beautifully and better than I deserve at times. He truly is my sunshine and has brought me pure joy, unlike anyone else. I know that I would be miserable without him in my life and miserable for a very long time...Rob I do miss you and am sad without you! I am so blessed to have you by my side and love you so very much more than I understand...I came to a new realization of this today. Thank you for being you, for all you are to me, and for all you do for me!
Love, Bear

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well friends, to Rob's surprise the birds and the bees don't just produce cows... We are having a baby!!!

I am officially 13 weeks or 3 months along and the baby is healthy and quite the mover. That little thing bounces up and down, taps his/her foot, and scratches his/her head. It is the coolest thing!

December 13th is the official estimated date of birth...which I can't complain about since I am scheduled to work Christmas and Christmas Eve this year!

This makes # 19 for my parents and #1 Grandchild for Rob's parents and it was a lot of fun announcing our happy news!

***You really need to check out Rob's announcement on his blog...well worth your time..Vote for our baby's name...squirrel, zoibling, and blob have already been used...try again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Me??? Tagged??? Are you sure I'm the right Sarah?

It made my night to be tagged...why do I care? Really? I don't know, but thanks so much Jen! :)


A. Attached or Single: Attached FOREVER (sandlot) and I like it!!! :)
B. Best Friend: Robert Bradley Bowles
C. Cake or Pie: mmm...rough decision...both!
D. Day of Choice: The day's I get case scenario...a whole weekend without any ER in my life!!!
E. Essential Item: Can I choose more than one? Rob and Sunshine!!! Terminator and Acne free are essentials of late.
F. Flavor of Ice Cream: Aggie blue mint...mmmm mmm mmm
G. Gummy Bears or Worms: Probably worms(the white and red ones)...because of their size, I eat gummy bears way too fast...although they are dang good in strawberry icecream...a little hard.
H. Hometown: Smithfield UTAH...don't let Rob fool is NOT in Idaho
I. Indulgences: cream....more than 2 or 3 days off in a row...taking in the sunshine, playing outside in the yard...I'm more like my Mom than I thought I was :)
J. January or July: July of course!!!
K. Kids: 2 goats and a Rabbit...yep for reals...I wish I was kidding sometimes...Gucci, Jar Jar, and Axel Rose.
L. Last movie I saw in a theater:"Taken"...intense...If you like the Bourne Series I would reccommend it!
M: Musician: Any layed back and relaxing music...listen to my blog if you really want to know.
N: Number of siblings: 5 siblings and me at the end...If I counted right that makes 33 people in my family...That is why gettting together with my family is so very important to me!
O. Oranges or Apples: Both...I buy more fruits and vegetables than we usually eat...I even bought kiwi's this week...all part of the weight loss plan and cheers to good health.
P. Phobias or Fears: Yep, not a big fan of heights and I fear essential ingredient of life...makes life a little complex for me.
Q. Quote: You can wake up every morning with the sun shining brightly before you...just stay in the straight and narrow! (I can't find the exact quote...anything about hope!)
R. Reasons to smile: There are a lot of big changes headed our way...even with staying in Utah for grad school...we've even been house shopping!
S. Season: Springtime makes me so happy, but my favorite has got to be the rays of Summer!
T. Tag: Rob, Eric, and Betsy
U. Unknown fact about me: They're probably unknown because that's how I like em :)
V. Vegetable: Asparagus
W. Worst Habit: I hate it...I am almost always do not take it, friends, husband...I am pretty much equally unbiased in my lateness.
X. X-rays or Ultrasounds: They both kind of scare me at this time in my life.
Y.Your favorite Food: Food is one of the Biggest joys of my life...we're in love although I wish it was only a one sided relationship...too many to choose from!
Z. Zodiac Sign: Libra...I do enjoy reading my horoscope now and then :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stupid Dreams...

So I'm not gonna lie...I'm disturbed. I had another one of THOSE dreams. For some reason I continue to dream about boys I dated previous to marrying Rob. Usually I am dating Rob also and am either engaged to him or have been dating him for a year and a half or so. I truly am disturbed. Rob tells me that we can't control our dreams and makes me feel better, but the problem is that dreams are so realistic sometimes that your feelings are effected. So to all the stupid boys that keep walking into my dreams....I'M a Happily Married Woman and LOVE Robert Bradley Bowles and ONLY Rob! Boys, the exit is out to your right and don't stop until you are out of sight and mind!!!

There, it's out! Just tell me that I'm not the only one that has this problem! Or do I need to consult a therapist?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rob and I are Expecting... hear back from Washington state soon. Yes it's true! Rob spoke with one of the professors up at WSU and they are winding up the final deciscion on who gets to come play at their school for the next two years. If we get accepted we will be living in Pullman Washington, 5 miles from Moscow Idaho...where Rob's little bro Justin hopefully may return to school when he gets home in June. Word on the street is that it is similar weather to Utah. Then the second year Rob will spend researching and writing his thesis somewhere in Washington...between Tachoma and Seattle. Rainy good, The coast waaayy good! My goal if we do move there is to go to Oregon, Cordelaine (which is said to be absolutely beautiful, and has skin heads), and if I'm lucky hit Canada, then Maybe we'll swing over to Niagra falls, New York, Novia Scotia, Florida, and down to Brazil. Rob has also applied to Oklahoma state, Texas tech, and USU. We shall see...We are excited that he is graduating earlier than planned (May instead of December).

Some pictures of the Pullman Washington area...