Monday, August 31, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

We thought we would look into buying a house. We looked and we found...House #1 in Lewiston clear back in March...nope the owners wanted 25,000 dollars more than we offered...bye bye little Lewiston home, library, and july 4th lewiston parade...So we looked some more...The house in Richmond #2 I fell in love with. The process began in May...we offered...we negotiated...we were approved by the shortsale/foreclosing home's bank finally...I thought we were going to close on our house on Aug. 13th....but then the appraisal and more renegotiating...Approved on Thursday, Aug. 28th at the new and lower appraised price...oh wait...based upon ridiculous conditions on the 29th...bye bye my cute little house in Richmond...hello my cute little apartment in need not miss us...we are here to stay...but where shall we put the baby?
-Disheartened, but not in debt

Thursday, August 20, 2009

24 weeks of Strange Sensations...

It all started when I had to wake up to go potty in the middle of the night...WHAT?! I pride myselft on my incredible bladder capacity (way better than Rob's :) until's pretty crazy how it works... as soon as your pregnant it's like you've started a diuretic. Dr. Vawdrey can you identify this pill for me without looking it up?

My undergarments, some t-shirts, and even some of my scrubs have turned into belly not in style. I like my tummy hid away... no peek a boo for me.

Hungry Hippo!!! AKA Sarah...I like PB & J's...yummy!!! The first day I noticed my increased appetite I was just finishing my first plate while everyone else was putting their forks down! And I am not a slow eater..."What?!!! I'm just getting started!!!" I still can't decide if my doctor thinks I've gained too much or not enough when she says "just make sure you're eating good and excercising."

I know potato bugs feel helpless on their backs, but what I wouldn't give to be able to just sleep on my back...Sometimes I sneek a minute in here and there but feel like a bad mommy if I do much more than this. So for all you men and non prego women Live it up!

Some describe it as butterflies....I think it feels more like my tummy rumbling and digesting...nope it's a boy!!! And it's pretty awesome!

Sometimes I think that being pregnant feels like I just ate a gigantic meal...full and tight to the brim...and I know I have yet a long ways to go :)

Lately at work I have really mastered being easily annoyed with and at people...I hate Politics and backbiting! You'd have to ask Rob if I am ornery to find out the real truth!

I love this...

I have to say that I have been so blessed not to be puking my guts out as my job really doesn't cater to this type of behavior! I have felt really good thus far and am quite content! I am very grateful and happy! Little Benton is getting bigger, measures appropriately, and has a good and normal heart rate. I know I am just in the beginning still, but I do think babies are truly beautiful miracles!
Rob continues to be excited and blows rasberries on my belly because he thinks he is talking to Benton in their own language. I have yet to convince him that babies are beautiful from the moment they hit the world...even covered in all that fun stuff!