Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life is not full of endings, just new beginnings

How true is this title? So I retired the weber state nursing badge, just to enter another world full of challenges and lots of mom's and children.

I started at the Pediatric Treehouse on Monday and worked again today as i had class yesterday. Working a 8-5 job is a whole new world...and I am not sure exactly what I think about it, but I am definately looking forward to the paychecks and am so very blessed to have the opportunity to work at an awesome place where the benefits are wonderful. The income ought to be much more consistent and steady than a poor cute little firehouse waitress's wages. Those were good days and I thank all of you who realize that servers make 2.15 cents an hour, 3.00 if your lucky and work long enough at FH to get a raise. High schoolers and many mothers with messy children just don't understand this. So I thank all you wonderful tippers for making my night! Fire House was a perfect place to work at in college and they were really flexible with my schedule. Thank you Fire house!
Rob and I have some new and exciting challenges ahead of us and I am kind of excited! We are going to do a 40 mile bike ride for a multiple sclerosis fundraiser. Rob wants to do like a 70 miler, and he says a 100 miler "would really push me." 40 Miles will push me just fact if anyone is willing to help pull me across the finish line that would just be great!
I found out at work today that the Pediatric Treehouse sponsors it's employees if they want to run a half marathon (Top of Utah) I offered this challenge to Rob and he accepted it! Man, if this really plays out I will be droppin some pounds and I feel really good about that...marriage has taken a toll on my body. :) The training is the stuff that might kill me or more likely kill my newly developed high aspirations. Rob and I did ride up 400 north though today and past 1st dam and up and around the temple...not bad huh? It was a good 45 minute ride...go team! Any ideas for a sweet team name?
Have I ever mentioned how awesome my husband is? He is cooking me dinner right now while I blog my night away... I love you Robert Bradley Bowles! Honestly, he is a serious killer cook...and it is a good kind of kill.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Humble Abode

Here's a glimpse of our sweet living the paint color? We do! As for our landlord...we shall see...
This is our wee little kitchen with. I know that everything looks miniature, but that is the actual size of our fridge. The freezer space is made up of an ice box...yes it is true.
Happy yellow kitchen...I guess we followed the Grandma Edwards trend!
The best part of our humble abode...the view out of our kitchen window!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Latest & Greatest...

It finally looks like spring today! So here is the latest and greatest! I passed my ATI test, which is a test I have to pass to graduate. I only have one more day of classes and then finals and then I have to be a big girl...I graduate officially on May 1st, but decided against walking. I am an aggie and definately not a Wild cat. Go AGGIES!

I also got hired on at a Pediatrician's office, called the Pediatric Tree House. I feel so lucky! I will start out as an receptionist, then float to medical assisting, and then a registered nurse!!! Who knew that two years of yucky yucky yucky nursing school would actually pay off! Full time at this job is 9-5 three days a week and health and dental insurance are part of the package. Wendy that interviewed me informed me that family comes first at this! That is unheard of!

I finish up my 135 hours at the ER on Saturday...happy and sad. I lOVE the ER! I could not ask for a better place to do my precepting! There is a chance that I may be able to get a job there and work one day a week with my other job...but we shall see. :)

My friend Jenna that pulled of my whole wedding with her side kick Jessica is getting married tomorrow!!! This whole "waiting for your missionary" thing does work out once in a while after all!

Included are some pictures of our only child...Axel Rose! I'm not sure how I feel about her at this point in time as she can't come play in our living room anymore. Apparently once bunny's are adolescents and in heat they loose all control and go potty EVERYWHERE!

Happy Spring!