Monday, August 30, 2010

I still LOVE summer!!!

What we've been up to this summer...
(Pictures to come...uploading not happening)

~Mx Races in our backyard...just one field over.
~Boating...and boating some more! Rob created a new tower to replace his old one and it has worked great! Rob is always the happiest on his wakeboard and I love to see him smile and enjoy it!
~Ragnar (Rob and Justin ran it, Annie and I volunteered)
~Justin & Annie got married and just moved to Moscow
~I ran a 10k for the first time
~Nicholas left on his mission to the Seattle WA Mission...I'm so proud of him and miss him of course.
~We went to Lagoon with DFA young cooperators and discovered again that Lagoon was way more fun as little kids! What is this motion sickness stuff?! We didn't even attempt the white roller coaster this year. Last year cured us of that.
~4th of July breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Bowles...I look forward to this every year!
~Preston Famous Night Rodeo
~NO more school, no more books, no more teacher dirty looks (until today...Rob's first day of School)
~Preston Parade
~Canoeing down the cub river
~Preston Fair
~Rob's Birthday...He is a quarter of a century old now and still cute as ever!
~Wilson Family campout
~Working on the farm (Probably one of my favorite activities of my whole summer...just playing and working on the farm with Rob) I swathed for the first time this year...and I need a lot more practice...oops sorry about the rabbit ears.
~Gardening and canning. Our garden has rocked this year and we are just excited to have canned our own grean beans and froze our own corn....yummers! (We've had spinach, radishes, peas, corn, chives, cilantro, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, zuchinni, basil, and pumpkins of course)
~Rob & I had our 3rd year anniversary!
~Rob and Justin went backpacking from Tony's grove in Utah to Willow flats in Idaho. They slept in a large Elk family's bed of soft grass and listened to them bark all night.
~Working in the ER (I start part time officially in September and I feel really good about this change).
~Benton's nine month Birthday was August 16th...Happy Birthday baby boy! We think about you often and shed lots of tears because we miss you so much. But we know you are in good hands and that you are watching over us and doing missionary work! We love you Benton Boy!
~Mowing the lawn again and never stops growing...thank you Udy Lawncare.
~Demolition Derby...I love em!!!
~Heather, Brandon, and kids moved back to Cache Valley after 7 years in Colorado and they live 15 minutes from us in Richmond! I love it!!!
~Jenny and Ryan moved back to Utah! Ryan commutes to LA and stays with Grandma Edwards during the week.
~Now all 5 of my siblings live in Utah! We are the only Idahoans (Don't tell Rob, but I'm becoming proud of this idaho country living).
~Charlie James Wilson joined Jenny, Ryan, Jack, and Grace in June.
~Emily, Isaac, and Eli came to visit us while in Utah!!!
~Trying to keep my flowers alive all summer... I lined my flower beds with bricks and we created some terraced flower beds in our frontyard.
~Bull Bonanza...Yee hawww!!!
~Ate lots of icecream and popsicles...Thankyou Caspers for your 81 cent icecream cones in July!
~Thank you Sunshine for bringing me pure rays of joy! I never get tired of seeing you and think you are one of God's Best creations!