Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bestest Husband Ever...

For my birthday Rob planned a secret get away to St. George. I have never been to Tuacahn and have wanted to go for a long time, so Rob got us tickets to Annie and Aida. They were both awesome and it was so fun to get away and play!

Rob didn't know when he planned it, but Annie was my movie of choice to rent for my birthday as a little girl!

I am 31 weeks or 7 months at this point

Wow! The stage and scenery is awesome! There are even waterfalls in the background that turn on and cover the stage with water...Next year they're doing Tarzan for the first time on stage at Tuacahn!

I love Rob's posing

Rob and I also visited Temple square and the visitor's center. This was one of the highlights of our trip for me! No doubt that we do most certainly have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who do live.

Mental note for Sarah: 3 things that I want to teach Benton: He is a Child of God, His Heavenly Father loves him, and that we can be a family Forever through our Savior Jesus Christ...bringing so much hope to us!

These pictures were in Brigham Youngs office to the east of his home and I thought that they were so perfect together...more of a mental note of something I want in my home.

My Grandma and Grandpa Edwards traveled from Los Angeles California to be sealed in the St. George temple! Some cool things I learned about this temple: Underneath the white plaster is red rock bricks. The tower was originally shorter, but Brigham Young instructed the members to build it taller. After Brigham Young had passed away the tower was struck by is now taller. And of course the awesome story about the founders of our nation appearing at this temple to assure their temple work was done.

Kitty corner from Brigham Young's home

Random picture I know but this is a cotton plant. I had no idea that this could grow in Utah. The early saints grew cotton and grapes as well as fig, almond, pecan, silk worm (to create silk), and pomegranate trees. All of these plants are present in Brigham Young's yard.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

My mom Linda is yet another year younger and Heather and Brandon came into town for a very short but sweet time for a brother's wedding. So we celebrated Grandma's Birthday!
Just in case you didn't know I have the most beautiful woman as a mother who is an amazing example of so many things to me. I look up to and adore her!

The girls and the newest Wilson addition Aspen...and Benton of course

Rob & Bum...this is also 3 years to the day that Rob & I met!

A few of the cousins hanging out

Oh my what a big mouth you have Miss Ava...

Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prego and Sixy-one more days to go...

Here is Sarah Marie at 6 months...I am now just past 7 months and am starting to feel what it's really like to have a human being inside of me. Benton does not approve of the lack of space in my tummy and likes to hang out right under my ribs, but I continue to be delighted at the movements which are just getting stronger. It's pretty cool to see your stomach move in abnormal ways!

Eyes closed as usual...

A lot changes in a month...I will post pictures again soon...