Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Redneck Summer

Wilson Family Campout 2010

What are little boys made of?

My cute Jake nephew

Amber girl...cutest little babe!

Abby flyin high

My cute Cami girl


Grandma...and what ah.. is that? Amber Spring


Best Uncle everrrr...

Ava wants a baby sister and was fascinated with Amber

Rob's Backpacking Adventure
High Creek lake

We're on top of the world...

Annie and Justin...ready for another day of hiking?
Justin's not so sure.

Visit from some of our best buds EEEEvvveeerrr!

Famous Preston night Parade and Rodeo
Cowgirl Abby

Rob all decked out for the rodeo

Aspen is ready to devour some candy!

Is the parade gonna start yet?

My cute sister Heather....I love having her live nearby!

Hope's best friend SueSue was given away to another family, but Hope and Sue spent a lot of hours together gnawing and slobbering all over each other, napping, and eating hope's food. We miss sue!

Motorcross races in Fairview
Thanks Gilberts!
Even little guys get on these little dirt bikes and tear it up!

Rednecks? mmm maybe but I love it!

It was awesome!

Boating Baby!!!
Leah...you go girl!!!

Davin lookin like a natural

Thanks Davin and Leah for playing!

We look forward to when these guys return from Pocatello...it can't come soon enough.

My friend Tiffani's son, Clayton...watch out girls he's still got a few years until he's 16

Check out that tower...pretty rad invention babe!
Rob in his happiest state