Thursday, February 11, 2010

Portuguese Chickens to Plump Pigs

We didn't, but tourists can kayak down this river.

This is a stinkin portuguese chicken. These silly birds are protected on this island. Nope I couldn't even kill them at 3 in the morning when they were cocka-doodling! And they are EVERYWHERE...they pretty much run the island and instead of stopping for crossing pedestrians you stop for the chicken crossing the road.

Hanalei Beach...a few blocks from where we were staying

Plantations of Taro

Jane & Tarzan

Hello Mr. Crab...this is actually just the skeleton of one.

Queen's incredible place where we got to hang out with the sea turtles...incredible.

He couldn't resist.
Gotta love these signs scattered around the island...

Secret Cove

This is Mr. Peacock
Smith Family Luau...
You get to tour their garden before the food and hula-ing.
Sorry if this bores you to death, but I was fascinated to see where all of our produce comes was Awesome!
Just missing my coconuts and grass skirt



Ape Man

I searched this tree to no avail

Taro...similair to the potato, but definately not as tasty. They use it to make poi a paste-like substance that they use as a condiment type of thing.


Star Fruit...not bad tasting


Dumb dumb want gum gum... here come Hun Hun...dumb dumb better run run

We're cute

Kauai Part II

Random cave

There were way too many of these type of nasty spiders around.

The beginning of our hike along the Napali Coast

The color of the ocean here is incredible!

It was right at this time that a lady also hiking said..."How far along are you? This ought to put you into labor.." Oh my! I have thought of some great responses since, but said nothing at that moment. Why is it that people that I don't know from Adam say the most tactless things?

This was our destination of the hike...then we had to go back...a serious sweaty work out.

These are just one awesome type of tree in Kauai

Kauai is about 30 x 23 miles wide. In the middle of the island there is a mountain where it rains about 360 days of the year. We totally lucked out and it was sunny almost every day!

St. George? Nope Kauai.

The Grand Canyon of Hawaii...awesome!

More of the amazing Hawaiin Grand Canyon...

Ask Rob about this picture...I'm pretty sure that I started crying because of how close he got to the edge...not funny...
I was trying to get a picture of the forbidden island that you can sometimes see from Kauai...hard to see in the picture. Word on the street is that if you try to come on this island that is privately will be met by very large men that will tell you to leave. I believe they take matters into their own hands if you don't.

Old faithful of Kauai...the tides come in and this is the way cool.

Oh my...the beautiful scenery of Kauai...I told Rob that we need to move there for a couple of years and I will work as a RN and Rob can do's everywhere. I met an ICU nurse who is married to an ER doctor in the LDS branch there. Bring it on! It would be AMAZING!

I am amazed by all of the different vegetation here in Kauai

Tree Tunnel

Rob's first attempt at Surfing...he Rocks!

Rob really wanted a picture of this farm.

On the airplane home...Thank you to Dr. Matt Harris and Rob's parents for making this possible! We are very grateful!